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Repiping Experts – Pex and Copper Repiping

We are a real company with a real address (not a P.O. Box company). We have uniformed re-pipe experts & company owned trucks. We pull permits as required by law. We do not subcontract – we do our own plumbing and patching. Quality is our top most priority.

We serve Orange, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

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Proper installation is the most important step to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient system. There are 7 major steps included in a repiping installation and we have summarized each step

install1Step 1 - Site InspectionA clear understanding of the project and the site are crucial in a successful and quick installation. During the site inspection we will outline the details of the project and what is included. It is important to clarify if the faucets and drains will be replaced during this part of the installation.

install2Step 2 - System LayoutOnce the job is agreed on the system layout should be determined. This step involves ordering parts and materials for your new system.

install3Step 3 - PreparationThe site should be cleaned and ready for the new installation. You the customer should clean all areas around and behind your sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs and showers. We will provide you with any additional instructions if necessary.

install4Step 4 - InstallationWe will handle the installation of your new re-pipe system to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the install.

install5Step 5 - PerformanceUpon completion of the installation the system is water flushed, tested and any necessary adjustments will be made.

install6Step 6 - Wall RepairAfter completion and inspection the contractors will repair the walls and clean up the site. The customer will finish the wall with paint or other wall coverings if any.

install7Step 7 - Job Completion & InspectionHenrik plumbing will double check our work after patching. This inspection will assure that all of the re-pipe project is completed, that the job is done to code and high quality workmanship standards.

The re-piping process is also known as a repipe job (re-pipe, re-piping, repiping, new piping, re-plumbing, re plumbing. Piping and piping replacement). Re-piping and repipe is part of the plumbing C-36 license classification. We are licensed expert plumbers. We are re-pipers. We are experienced repipe specialists. Why repipe? As the pipes of a plumbing system age, these pipes will need to be replaced because of corrosion, rust, a leak, leaks, slab leaks, pin hole leaks, soft copper leaking, low water pressure, and rusty water. This replacement process is referred to as "re-piping" or getting your house or building repiped.

We hope you take the time to read our entire website and also visit www.henrikplumbing.com, please click on our plumbers comparison checklist. If it is about any pipe in any building be it a gas pipe, water pipe, drain pipe, copper pipes, plastic pipes, ABS PEX CLAY IRON sewer pipe, rain water run off plumbing. We are experienced and we can repipe or replumb any pipe or any pipe system. We are www.repiping.com.