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Should you Epoxy Paint your Pipes instead of Repiping?

No! Under no circumstances is the epoxy painting of your pipes a
better solution than repiping.

The process of installing epoxy paint to the interior of your water
supply lines is where sand is blasted through the existing water
lines in an attempt to clean the lines, then an epoxy paint is
applied in order to seal leaks and protect the old pipes. Here are
a few of the problems with this process:

  • Sandblasting the interior of pipes can wear the pipes thin and
    create new pinholes and leaks, even when none existed before
    the process began. There is no way to determine how much to
    sandblast, when the pipes are clean, and when the pipes have
    been worn thin.
  • Epoxy companies can’t tell if the pipes are actually clean and
    clear of obstructions. In-fact, sand can accumulate in restricted
    areas and decrease water flow.
  • The application of epoxy in pipes creates uneven thicknesses,
    there can even be places that are missed altogether. Any
    remaining obstructions are glued in place. Clumps of epoxy
    paint can create obstructions.

While repiping your home will increase your property’s value,
using epoxy on your water supply will likely decrease the value.

There could also be issues insuring a property with epoxy
repaired pipes, and some Homeowner’s Associations will not allow
this process because of increased liability.

Repiping is the only quality permanent solution to leaky or rusty

Call us today to discuss your repiping options.